Nov 102012

by Darcy Richardson

Nov. 6, 2012

 The lockout continues, Day fifty-two?

I just want to watch some good Hockey with you.

The dollars and cents just don’t matter to me,

We just watch at home where some games are still free.


The cost of a bus, and of tickets for two,

More than the wages of both me and of you,

While they all bicker of digits and zeros,

The fans just want to go cheer on their heroes.


It’s not that their hungry, it’s not that their poor,

But with dollar signs comes the wanting for more.

The guys that once played and the guys that once bled,

Took an offseason job to keep moving ahead!


But now there are Sponsors and big Corporate deals,

Draining the life from the fans that have zeal,

They think their entitled and only want more.

I’d like to see fans lined up at the door.


But not for the profit and not for the bucks,

The ones that are there with their eyes on the pucks!

Forget the rich clients the Sponsors will woo,

Or forget the fans that built this great league for you.

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