Jul 082011

by Brenda McFarlane

Hi, I’m Brian’s daughter and I am considering putting together a small self-published hockey poetry book.  I work on this site for my Dad.  I’ve noticed we get a lot of visitors here seeking out hockey poetry and even a couple comments asking for anthologies.  

As poets and writers probably know, the internet offers on-demand  publishing tools like Lulu.com.  The resulting books tend to be expensive but at least they exist as options for small niche markets.

So, I am seeking hockey poetry submissions, if anyone is interested.  It is okay if the poem has been published before but make sure you have the right to re-publish.

None of us will get rich out of this idea but I think it will be a nice thing to offer people.  If you are interested in contributing to a collection of hockey poems, please consider sending me your hockey poetry for possible publication.

If there are any profits after expenses, what do you think of  a split of 50% of the gross profits going to contributing poets?  Maybe with a somewhat smaller split for those who send very short poems and a somewhat larger split for longer poems?  If this doesn’t sound fair to you, let me know.

If your poem is accepted and we have enough interest and material to go ahead and publish, I will send you a more formal agreement.  Sending me your poetry does not imply I have a right to publish your poetry until you give me formal written permission.

I’ve never done this before so I am certainly open to any suggestions from poets regarding this idea.

Send hockey poems and any additional information you think might be of interest to brenda@activecontentcreation.com



  2 Responses to “Seeking Poetry Submissions”

  1. Awesome idea!
    A romantic with great command of language and poetry, hockey is my passion!
    Best of luck with the project! I will gladly contribute as time allows.

  2. MVP
    October 31, 2012

    The kids get dressed up as a Goblin or Ghoul,
    Out to get treats and worked up after school.
    But there is a practice and someone will go,
    And be disappointed if the Goalie doesn’t show.

    So he wipes of his make-up and packs up his gear.
    Maybe he’ll get to collect treats next year.
    He gets to the practice, a dressing room bare.
    Him and two Coaches are all that is there.

    For weeks they all revel in sugar and screams,
    He smiles and remembers the night of his dreams.
    The night they all had something better to do,
    He worked with two Coaches until he was blue.

    The first Tourney Day comes while they’re all fat and worn,
    He’s had things to work on; this is why he was born.
    The ref drops the puck as he turns them away.
    Two more MVP’s the day after today.

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