May 262009

Book Cover Brian McFlarlaneAs you might know, I’ve spent a long time living, reporting and researching the history of hockey and  there’s nothing I love more than telling a good hockey story, sharing an interesting bit of hockey history and enjoying the human drama and humor by recounting the best of hockey with other people who love the game.  I hope you enjoy hearing the stories as much as I did collecting them.  I’ll post something new, fairly frequently here so I hope you’ll visit me often.

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  1. Dear Brian:

    I must be getting old, in that I’m starting to write fan letters instead of the nasty ones I’m more used to. Just a short note to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading and hearing you for so many years. I enjoyed your recent interview with Mike Hogan on The Fan in Toronto that I got your latest book from the library and enjoyed it very much. I’ve seen you a couple of times in person over the years. One was when you displayed your memorabilia at The Big Apple in Colborne. Another was at a Sports Canada awards dinner (I believe) you emceed about 15 years ago. I still remember your joke aimed at then GG Ray Hnatyshyn that you thought it was nice that GG’s Stanley, Grey, Vanier, Minto and maybe others all donated trophies and all had names that were easy to say and spell. You then said you were glad that Hnatyshyn hadn’t done likewise! A good line!
    In any event, sorry to hear your health could be better. But hope to hear and see material from you again soon. Enjoy the holidays!

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