May 272009

Back in 1995, the Society for International Hockey Research (SIHR) gave me the honor of creating an award in my name.

This is what their webpage says (

THE BRIAN McFARLANE AWARD was created in 1995, in honour of our Honourary President and in appreciation of his support of the Society and his continuing contribution to the preservation of hockey history.

It recognizes “outstanding research and writing by members” and is judged on the calibre of papers presented to the Society and on special publishing projects outside the Society.

The McFarlane Award has gone to the following:

Year Recipient Hometown
1995 Glen Goodhand Beaverton, Ontario
1996 Michael Vigneault Montreal, Quebec
1997 Ernie Fitzsimmons Fredericton, New Brunswick
1998 Roger Godin Bel Air, Maryland
1999 Len Kotylo Toronto, Ontario
2000 Paul Kitchen Ottawa, Ontario
2001 Don Reddick Walpole, Massachusetts
2002 Bill Martin Chicago, Illinois
2003 John Paton Toronto, Ontario
2004 Joseph Nieforth Toronto, Ontario
2005 Eric Zweig Toronto, Ontario
2006 Bill Fitsell Kingston, Ontario
2007 Martin Harris London, England
2008 Paul Patskou Toronto, Ontario

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